Cryptomania Exchange Pro 2 - cryptocurrency trade

Cryptomania is a crypto currency exchange system. It offers you to create your own crypto currency exchange business with 1000+ crypto currencies. It is most secure with ultra fast trade algorithm.

product features

  • Coinpayment API Integrated
  • BTC & BTC Forked Coin Support
  • Paypal Integrated
  • Responsive Frontend & Backend
  • Instant Payment notice (IPN) Ready
  • Live Market Update
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Crypto exchange - fast trading

Crypto Exchange is a crypto currency trading platform built in Laravel with coinpayments API integration. It also supports and interacts BTC and BTC forked coins. Easy installation that ensures your business to start within minimal time.

product features

  • Coinpayments Coin Api Integrated
  • Exchange Scroller
  • Instant Payment Notice (IPN) Ready
  • 5 Coin Adding Ability
  • 10 Coin Pair Creation
  • Fastest Trading Algorithm
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LARAFRAME - Laravel Kickstarter

Laraframe is a fully functional Laravel Boilerplate to develop your project a way faster. It save your's project development time and seed up your's project development.

product features

  • User Login, Registration, Password Reset Ready
  • Google Recaptcha Protection
  • Mobile Api Ready
  • Laravel Telescope For Debugging
  • Laravel 5.8
  • Bootstrap 4.x Layout
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DC Grid Folio 2.0

Dc Grid Folio is a high-performance jquery plugin, animated DOM manipulation, giving you the power to filter, sort, add and remove DOM elements with lightbox features and beautiful animations to showcase your portfolios.

product features

  • Fully Customizable Advanced JQuery Options
  • 3 Animation Types- Classic, Modern and Flat
  • 42 Animation Styles
  • Multiple Border Style With Amazing Border Effect
  • Built In Lightbox
  • 10 Starter Demo
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DC Slider Layer 2.0

DC slier is an innovative, high performance responsive jquery Slider Plugin that displays your content in the beautiful way. Its editor will let you tell your own stories in no time! And it does not even matter if your visitor watches the page on desktop or mobile or any other device!

product features

  • Multiple Layers
  • Multiple Slides
  • Pagination, Navigation and Play/Pause Control
  • Mobile Touch Enabled
  • Buttons, Text Boxes and Text Color Pre-Build
  • Fully Customizable
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