DC Grid Folio 2.0

DC Grid Folio 2.0

Last Update : 25 July 2016
Created : 7 April 2016
Files Included : JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS
Software Framework : jQuery
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Dc Grid Folio is a high-performance jquery plugin, animated DOM manipulation, giving you the power to filter, sort, add and remove DOM elements with lightbox features and beautiful animations to showcase your portfolios.

  • Fully Customizable Advanced JQuery Options
  • 3 Animation Types- Classic, Modern and Flat
  • 42 Animation Styles
  • Multiple Border Style With Amazing Border Effect
  • Built In Lightbox
  • 10 Starter Demo

all features

  • No need to call the Lightbox seperately now with js script.
  • Default ‘All’ can be removed if not needed
  • Any Category can be activated at loading
  • Totally Optimized for websites
  • No more Grid layout fault at the beginning specially when it’s about many images
  • Cross browsing and most other bugs fixed
  • 3 animation types- classic modern and flat
  • 42 animation styles
  • Multiple border style with amazing border effect
  • built in lightbox
  • 10 starter demo
  • Fully customizable advanced jquery options